Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains? Can I cancel?

1. All BOUNCE FACTORY castles come with a RAIN COVER, doubling as a sun shade, which is suitable for LIGHT RAIN. If the rain gets stronger then we advise all children exit the unit, deflate the castle and cover with the additional ground sheet provided by us. 2. If Rain is expected to spoil the day then BOUNCE FACTORY will be happy to offer a FULL REFUND. In these circumstances we can even offer you the refund on the day itself!!

Are you insured?

ABSOLUTELY!! All BOUNCE FACTORY castles have Public Liability Insurance. Please click on the Insurance Certificate button on the menu bar to view our cover.

Can I hire a castle for an indoor event?

Yes. In fact BOUNCE FACTORY castles come with a soft crash mat at the front of the castle for added protection. The only restriction would be the height of the venue so we would come out first to assess the venue.

How do I pay?

A £20 deposit will be collected by us to secure your booking. The balnce will be collected on the day. If the weather is bad then we will of course refund you in full. If you were to cancel within 48 hours of the day then unfortunately you will lose this deposit as we may have potentially lost a booking as a result.

Do I need insurance?

Unless you are charging guests to use the castle then No, you wont need additional insurance as your household insurance will normally cover private guests at your house. Just a reminder that all BOUNCE FACTORY castles have Full Liability Insurance.

What happens if I damage the castle?

On the day of hire you will be asked to sign a Disclaimer to agree that you will adhere to the rules and regulations set out by Bounce Factory. If, as a result of neglect of these rules and regulations, the castle is damaged in any way then you will be subject to costs for repair. Examples of neglect could be, but not limited to, the folloiwng; adult use, overpopulating the castle, sharp objects on or near the castle, food/drink being consumed on the castle, allowing pets onto the castle, purposely deflating the castle. In cases where charges are to be made they will be done through an independent body acting on our behalf.

What surface do I need for a castle?

BOUNCE FACTORY castles have to operate on grass. Unfortunately our castles cannot operate on Concrete. If your garden is mostly grass but has a small bit of patio or path then this may work if covered up appropriately. Our castles are all 12ft x15ft so will ideally require 14ft x 17ft of grass. This will be measured in advance of the day. We will also need to gain access to your garden, 3Ft wide, which does not require going through your house. For your SAFETY we will be securing the castle down with 4 x 40cm, specially designed, pegs. For any concerns you may have then please contact us.